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✔️ Achieve financial freedom
✔️ Build your network marketing business and work from phone or laptop - from anywhere
✔️ Get financial security and time freedom with a passive income stream that is not based on a client-to-client hustle
✔️ Learn how to do network marketing the RIGHT way!
✔️ Add a residual income stream
✔️ Work with a team of revolutionary network marketing leaders
✔️ Become part of a amazing community filled with motivated people



I'm so glad that you're here and to start supporting you build your own network marketing business.
I am a makeup artist, beauty & lifestyle blogger and a digital marketer. 

Everyday I wake up with purpose and passion! What’s important to me is living a life where I have time freedom and my mission is to help others to do that too. I help women learn their true potential and show what’s possible when they take a chance and believe in themselves. 

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For a few years now, I have been a blogger and had the privilege to work with some amazing brands and companies along with working with some amazing people. But I found out that most of the people in my community were not building their own brand and business. Everything about your blog, brand or business 100% depends on your commitment to it. Plus, there's so much you do have to handle: marketing, collaborations, branding...

However, I have been wanting to start my own business for the longest time. In 2018, I first came across network marketing and was skeptical about it. Fast forward to 2020, I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I made for myself.

So many women have been trying to start their own business from the comfort of their own home and being able to be financially free for themselves and their family. What's makes me sad is that they try and fail. Yes, I was in the same spot too!

Are you in the same boat as well? Or are you already an entrepreneur but struggling to make profit with ONE income stream, going after clients non-stop and burning yourself out in the process?

Wait.. there is a better way!

In the short time that I've been working and building my own network marketing business, I have been working with these amazing women and I've come across this wonderful community of women who are always motivating and supporting each other. Having partnered with a naturally plant-based, non-toxic luxury haircare company was the BEST decision I made. NOW more than ever is the best time to have a RESIDUAL INCOME STREAM. 

What Have I Witnessed In This Duration

  •  Teams doubling and tripling and ranking up from month to month
  • ​Only in 2020, 14,298 got promoted and reached a new rank
  • ​Only in 2020 alone, 6,332 people hit their first ranks in the company
  • ​Women replacing their full-time jobs with residual income 
  • ​Members qualifying for cars and free trips
  • ​Women finding a community to build themselves
  • ​All of this, with absolutely NO cold messaging and NO marketing budget or ads


RIGHT NOW, in the network marketing space there is a revolution going which means we can be a part of this wonderful business model with...

  • No cold messaging
  • No sending a thousand "hey, girl" messages
  • ​No spammy or pushy sales 
  • ​Not ruining your relationships
  • ​Not hosting parties or events
  • ​Not harassing your friends and family

We have the opportunity to use social media and attraction marketing to have interested leads come to YOU instead of have to send cold ("hey, girl") messages or use icky sales tactics. 

You are only sharing your opinions on social media everyday and sharing your favourite things, like your favourite coffee or that new book you're reading and resonating with. In this business, that's exactly what you do. You wash your hair, style your hair or use skincare and share that you love and share it with everyone! 

What I do, I talk about the amazing, safe, plant-based, vegan luxury hair products that have been transforming my hair which I'm absolutely in love with (and bank account) in the process!

Having amazing hair, growing personally, being part of such an incredible community and having financial freedom all without being salesy or ruining relationships. 

You can create authentic, engaging content using the products you love & use for yourself on social media while education and inspiring tons of women just like you. 

More about this opportunity...

Usually, BIG companies invest billions of dollars each year for marketing and advertising whereas network marketing companies, like MONAT, gives the small business owner, like us (or YOU) that money. 

  • The business opportunity - you get to create your own business at your own time and get your own website 
  • ​Earn PROFITS and Bonuses
  • ​Overhead COSTS - no software, no branding, no marketing budget, no Facebook ads, no recurring fees
  • ​Residual Income that is recurring 
  • ​Incentives such as a car & free trips
  • ​Working in this business, I have time freedom & I help women learn their true potential and create a lifestyle that they want


  • ​Partnering with a fast growing company
  • Selling the right products - products that are highly consumable and one which does not change people's lifestyle habits
  • Joining a company with a compensation plan where you earn immediately
  • ​Step-by-step training and guidance


MONAT offers all of these!

the Company

  • #1 Premium Haircare Company
  • ​Only 5 years in the market & 700% growth 
  • Expanding globally
  • ​Compensation plan where you earn immediately

our Products

  • Our products are natural, plant-based, non-toxic and vegan
  • ​#1 fastest growing haircare company
  • ​Only anti-aging haircare company in the world
  • ​Our products are backed by scientific research and patent pending formulas
  • Our products are ​highly consumable 

Say Hello To These Non-Toxic Products, The Monat NOs...

  • NO Parabens
  • ​NO Sulfates
  • ​NO BHT
  • NO Phthalates
  • ​NO Silicones
  • ​NO Petroleum
  • ​NO Plastic Microbeads
  • ​No Phenoxyethanol
  • ​NO Paraffin Wax
  • ​No Gluten, Harmful Colours
  • ​NO Harmful Fragrances
  • ​Cruelty-free
  • ​Vegan

I would love to invite you to join my team and become a part of the most amazing community that has the most incredible leaders to guide you throughout the whole process.  


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